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Mit Scholz da rollt's at Staatsoper Berlin

Scholz provides 275 Extraraum boxes for Staatsoper Berlin.

After seven years of reconstruction, the reopening of the Staatsoper Berlin is approaching; until October, the equipment of the opera is slowly moving back to its original building at Unter den Linden. During this relocation, Germany's oldest opera house also relies on the safe storage boxes of the Extraraum system. We are the official partner of this system in Berlin.

The prearragements for the relocation started in early July - the opera house had resorted to the Schiller Theater in the district of Charlottenburg in the last seven years. From mid to the end of July the main removal finally took place. Since returning to the old workplace, the opera's technical and stage crew has also relied on a new storage product: the new and heavy-duty cardboard boxes from DMG AG, which are specially produced for the storage and service system Extraraum. Last year, DMG developed storage boxes of four different sizes, which, depending on the format, can hold 0.5 to 2.5 cubic metres of volume safely, dryly and - which is particularly important in this case - dust-free. These large-volume boxes with the bold "Extraraum" imprint, of which Staatsoper has several hundred in use, take on technical equipment such as lighting elements but are mainly used for the decoration and stage material, which belongs to the stock and fund of the opera house but is not needed for pieces of the current schedule. "Actually, these boxes have been developed for a different purpose, namely the storage of customer property at Extraraum partners like us, but I am very pleased the choice by the Staatsoper for our product of course," says Rainer Scholz, Managing Director of Scholz. "It shows that our material meets highly professional requirements and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality, handling and longevity."

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